25th Jan, 2015


NASA planning Mars Helicopter to assist future rovers

 The amount of data and stunning imagery being delivered by NASA’s Curiosity rover has given us new insight into Mars, ...

25th Jan, 2015


Films that know exactly how you feel

 Watching the right movie at the right moment is kind of like hanging out with a great listener. When you’re ...

25th Jan, 2015


How many balls does each major sport require per game?

 What a week for sports balls. Never before have the inflated orbs that make these games go been thrust into ...

25th Jan, 2015

BBC News

5 can’t-miss apps: Spotify, iBillionaire, ‘Crossy Road’

 With the flood of Windows 10 news from Microsoft, including the announcement of a futuristic virtual-reality headset, you may have ...

25th Jan, 2015


undance review: Keanu Reeves is not the answer to ‘Knock Knock’

 Give Eli Roth and Keanu Reeves credit for trying something different in Knock Knock, which premiered late Friday night at ...

25th Jan, 2015


Rihanna releases ‘FourFiveSeconds’ with Kanye West and Paul McCartney

 Where have you been, new Rihanna music? With her heavily anticipated eighth studio album on the horizon, Rihanna surprised fans ...

25th Jan, 2015


Goodbye Earthlings: Comet Lovejoy won’t return for 8,000 years

 Comet Lovejoy was visible Saturday night, the last time the celestial body is expected to be spotted by naked-eye observers ...

25th Jan, 2015


4 social trends affecting the dynamics of learning

  Many of us remember a time when Internet access was a privilege; now, however, access to the Internet is ...

25th Jan, 2015


Toshiba’s Chromebook 2 has a screen that’s to die

 They have good performance with a low price and an operating system built around the app we all use the ...

24th Jan, 2015


Now you can explore Microsoft’s HoloLens in 3D

 HoloLens, Microsoft’s augmented reality headgear, was the unexpected star of the Windows 10 consumer build launch on Wednesday. But within ...

24th Jan, 2015


India is taking no chances with security for Obama’s visit

 Security officials are trying to turn New Delhi, India’s capital city, and the surrounding area into an impenetrable garrison, as ...

24th Jan, 2015


Budi the orangutan is recovering after almost a year

 Budi the orangutan is recovering after almost a year of serious neglect. The tiny ape spent the first 10 months ...

24th Jan, 2015

Rick Owens - Runway - Paris Fashion Week Men Collections F/W 2015/16

Rick Owens debuted his latest menswear collection

 Rick Owens debuted his latest menswear collection at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday, causing several attendees in the front row ...

24th Jan, 2015


Apple to allow Chinese security inspections of iPhones

  Apple will allow the Chinese government to perform security inspections on its products to quell concerns that they are ...

24th Jan, 2015


United just built 14 new planes using your extra

 More passengers, fewer planes. That’s the mantra of the modern airline, which is constantly working on increasing efficiency in order ...

24th Jan, 2015


MasterCard to lift restrictions on credit cards in Cuba

  MasterCard announced Friday it will begin handling U.S. credit card transactions in Cuba on March 1, making the credit ...

24th Jan, 2015


Winklevoss twins launch Gemini, the ‘regulated’ Bitcoin

 It’s no secret Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are betting big on Bitcoin: They’ve reportedly invested at least $11 million in ...

24th Jan, 2015


14 pies you’ll want to smash your face

 Happy National Pie Day — or as most of us like to call it, Friday. While cakes and ice cream ...

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