5th Feb, 2015


Spyware tries to lure gamers through fake in-game voice apps

  Malware targeting gamers usually tends to revolve around the games themselves, such as fake copies of a hot new ...

5th Feb, 2015


Handheld device knows when your high-end seafood dish is a little fishy

  As much as we love the idea of fish police, stoically patrolling high-end restaurants, scanning plates of food and ...

5th Feb, 2015


Olympus Air is a lens camera that pairs with your smartphone

  We knew it was coming, but it’s finally here. Not to be outdone by Sony, Olympus revealed last year, ...

5th Feb, 2015


Olympus expands its rugged camera line with the Stylus TG-860

  There’s no doubt that the E-M5 II is Olympus’ big reveal of the night. Still, there are people out ...

5th Feb, 2015


With video in mind, Olympus introduces the E-M5 Mark II

  The original OM-D E-M5 has had a great run since being announced roughly two years ago, but it’s time ...

5th Feb, 2015


Staples expands its tech shopping empire by acquiring Office Depot

  Best Buy may have to fight a bit harder for your technology dollar. Staples just bought Office Depot, making ...

5th Feb, 2015


GoPro Channel brings its sport and action-cam adventures to Roku

  Look, there’s no shame in watching others skydive or rappel instead of doing it yourself. So if you have ...

5th Feb, 2015


Anthem health insurance hack exposes details of over 80 million people

  Hackers have accessed millions of customer and employee details from US-based health insurance firm Anthem, including name addresses and ...

5th Feb, 2015


Kodak and movie studios forge a deal to keep film alive

  Good news, die-hard aficionados of movies on film: those reels will stick around for a while yet. Kodak has ...

5th Feb, 2015


Google just bought a storytelling app for kids

  When Google said it was busy creating a kid-friendly internet, it wasn’t joking around. The company just bought Launchpad ...

4th Feb, 2015


Electric toothbrush mates simplicity with low-cost subscriptions

  You could easily argue that many attempts at modernizing the toothbrush are overkill –motion tracking and smartphone tie-ins are ...

4th Feb, 2015


Sneaky ad-spewing apps land on millions of Android devices

  As a rule, rogue Android apps don’t last long on Google Play — either Google catches them quickly, or ...

4th Feb, 2015


Bought Grand Theft Auto V? So did a ton of other people

   Rockstar has sold 10 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox Oneto retailers over ...

4th Feb, 2015


Sprint promo gives you an iPhone, an iPad and service for $100 a month

  Are you the sort who has to have the latest phone and tablet? Sprint might have a deal for ...

4th Feb, 2015


Microsoft’s putting Bing on your Android lock screen

  Wish your Android device’s lock screen was a bit more scenic? Microsoft’s Garage team has you covered with Picturesque, ...

4th Feb, 2015


Engadget giveaway: win a Megaboom speaker courtesy of Ultimate Ears!

  We’ve been fond of the UE Boom since its arrival in 2013 and I’ve personally logged dozens of hours ...

4th Feb, 2015


Gay, transgender players restricted in ‘League of Legends’ tourney

  As eSports continue to grow so too will the walks of life who participate. That’s something that a League ...

4th Feb, 2015


Reddit shelves its pseudo-currency plans for now

  Bad news if you were hoping to swap Reddit Notes with friends: the internet community just put its don’t-call-it-a-currency ...

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